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IES Files for Spec Sheet: 0169.3-AR

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IES files for Spec Sheet: 0169.3-AR

PDF File .IES File Catalog Number
27100 27100 2STG228-D-1/2-EB
27100D3 27100D3 2STG228-D-1/2-EB-RIB
27100D2 27100D2 2STG228-DS-1/2-EB
27100D4 27100D4 2STG228-DS-1/2-EB-RIB
27099 27099 2STG228-PMW-1/2-EB
27099D2 27099D2 2STG228-PMW-1/2-EB-RIB
28432 28432 2STG228-WO-1/2-EB
27034 27034 2STG232-D-1/2-EB
27034D3 27034D3 2STG232-D-1/2-EB-RIB
27034D2 27034D2 2STG232-DS-1/2-EB
27034D4 27034D4 2STG232-DS-1/2-EB-RIB
27092 27092 2STG232-PMW-1/2-EB
27092D2 27092D2 2STG232-PMW-1/2-EB-RIB
28431 28431 2STG232-WO-1/2-EB
27526 27526 2STG254HO-D-1/2-EB
27526D3 27526D3 2STG254HO-D-1/2-EB-RIB
27526D2 27526D2 2STG254HO-DS-1/2-EB
27526D4 27526D4 2STG254HO-DS-1/2-EB-RIB
27527 27527 2STG254HO-PMW-1/2-EB
27527D2 27527D2 2STG254HO-PMW-1/2-EB-RIB
28435 28435 2STG254HO-WO-1/2-EB