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Experience the LED Mobile Showroom!

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LED Mobile Showroom

The Philips Day-Brite LED Mobile Showroom is traveling the country to showcase the best in LED lighting while educating customers on the latest advances in LED technology.

The Philips Day-Brite LED Mobile Showroom includes residential, commercial, and industrial products, along with other niche products under one central theme. LED technology is explained and reinforced while illustrating the multiple platforms throughout this product venue.

Our LED Mobile Showroom tour is ideal for counter days, vendor days, and customer appreciation events.
Provide your customers with the one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience this technology firsthand while consulting with our LED lighting professionals. As an added bonus, customers can earn CEUs for LED Technology education during the event.

The LED Mobile Showroom consists of a truck and trailer outfitted with LED luminaires offered by Philips Day-Brite, Philips Capri, Philips Omega as well as other Philips Lighting brands. We are making numerous stops across the country in order to showcase LED technology and luminaires.

The trailer interior is designed to allow for contractors, electricians, distributors, architects, electrical engineers, specifiers, and other lighting professionals to view our LED luminaires and learn about advances in LED technology. The LED Mobile Showroom is available to support customers by participating in counter days, grand openings, customer appreciation events, agent showcases, distributor showcases, regional events and lunch and learns.

Technological innovations resulting in whiter and brighter LEDs are happening every day. Philips Day-Brite wants to showcase our products and how they can be used for general lighting and special applications. Commercial, residential, and industrial LED products are displayed in the LED Mobile Showroom. Sales personnel offer demonstrations and discussions on our LED products while illustrating typical applications. Products shown are intended for office, retail, residential, outdoor, and other architectural applications. This traveling venue also provides CEU opportunities for LED Technology education.

Space Requirements for the LED Mobile Showroom:

The LED Mobile Showroom vehicle requires a minimum ground space 60 feet long, 10 feet wide and 13 feet high. Please be sure you can accommodate this space requirement prior to finalizing the event. (The Truck and Trailer need the equivalent of 9 Parking Spaces)

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